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Natural Grace

I am getting a headstart on my blog post this morning as we are about to head out and spend the day in Hamburg. My contender for the most chilled out city on the planet.

I meditated this morning with a free meditation challenge from Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey called “Manifesting Grace” where Deepak focused on a techniqe called Gladdening the Heart. Such a beautiful way to spend a few minutes -filling your heart with love and appreciation, feeling it grow and strengthen. Easy to find things to appreciate in a relaxed and happy environment but not so easy when the world feels dark and cold as we often experience either through emotional or physical pain.

Reflecting on this as I write this in a garden teeming with life I am guided to the message of the squirrel. An animal that works in tune with nature, understand the cycles of life can bring joy and hardship… “Gather love and appreciation in your heart when you can. Fill it and nuture it for those days when loving thoughts feel scarce. Hold onto the that gladdening feeling as you would a precious memory”
And as I am being warmed inside and out by the symphony of colours and sounds from this amazing garden i will hold on to each sight, sound and sensation and replay it in glorious technicolour.

In love and in gratitude.

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