Spiritual work

Spaceshop. Shopspace.

I am still so tired and overwhelmed today. Luckily the wonderful Claire (awesome designer of our Logo and signage) has done my job for me. Enjoy and read her other incredible posts
Namaste x

God Bless the 26&2

Last night we celebrated the opening of my lovely friend Kirstie’s shop. Space. Shopspace. Spaceshop. I say spaceshop shopspace coz it’s not just a shop. I mean, it IS a shop in that in it she sells crystals (and candles and incense). But it’s not JUST a shop, it’s a plethora of other things too.

1. It’s a manifested dream. Something she wanted many years ago and which – over the course of her life, through the bumps and turns, the travels and various iterations of her jobs – regularly slipped her mind. The universe was having none of that though, and has presented her with people who, whenever she was considering her options and was musing about what she really wanted to do, reminded her “but what about your crystal shop?”. Oh yes, of course. And then a year or two later “this doesn’t feel right, but I’m not…

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