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Dream come true

Domestic chores today.  Clothes have been strewn around our home and bowls have been piling up at the sink. In fact our place looks like my room c1991 when i was a messy student, clearly before my Moon in Virgo took hold and Saturn worked his magic.

Quite a different day then than the last week. And now after having a good sort out and a sit down to watch the Aquarian’s favourite footballer’s Testimonial match a feeling rose up slowly from my toes all the way to the top of my head. A feeling of complete solidity as it finally dawned on me…

I have opened a shop.

That thing I have been bleating on about, admittedly off and on, for 20 years (at least consciously) is here. Right now.

I did what i set out to do although on some level It doesn’t feel like it was me at all. Someone else has had the reigns, that inner bestie who has clearly conspired with the other inner besties of amazing people around me.

I know now that the hard work really begins as the space requires nurture and care to keep going. And I have every faith that a growing number of inner besties will assist in the process.

And complete trust in the Universe.

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