Spiritual work

Everything is energy

I’ve just finished my first full day in the shop. And I had a great day.
I feel such gratitude that the universe guided me to this particular space in this community. Just in the space of today I have met some like-spirited souls also working to fully express themselves by doing what they love.
As a place to come sit and chat I’ve also had some inspiring discussions specifically centred around money, value and the exchange of energy. It was so heartening to meet other people who were also exploring the relationship we have with money and with that, service. Sharing our experiences was a powerful reminder that we are not alone in our thinking.  In fact so much so that we will devise a workshop or talk around this provocative subject.
I was also able to enthuse muchly about crystals. The one enduring vision I had when I first started dreaming about having a shop was this. Standing, talking to a customer and enthusing from my core about the healing power of crystals. Today I got to live out that dream. Such a blessing.
I am so happy to have been guided to this particular shape and form of my dream. A shape I did not even contemplate back in November!
And I am sure there is more shaping to come.

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