Spiritual work

Djembe lesson

Those upstairs lot certainly have been plotting. 

Two new like-spirited souls came to visit today. Both were doing something completely different and were passing by on the off chance. Yet there are no co-incidences, just the Law of Attraction doing its thing.  I am stunned by the interest so far and the positive thoughts and words from everyone who has come to see our space. 

We were also treated to a Djembe drumming session by Mr Essien Udo, a resident of Willesden Green.  What a talent. Not only was the music of the drum beautiful but we could also sense how the different tones of the music were interacting with our energy field.  There is a real correpsondence between the tones that can be created on the Djembe drum and the frequencies our our chakras so much so that at one particular bit I could feel a “pull” on my Higher heart chakra, the chakra linked to the thymus gland.  

Another affirmation of energy healing. Sound, colour, pitch, tone, smell, density, all types of frequencies that we can learn to understand and work with for therapeutic purposes.  

That help us unlock out potential to live full and creative lives…

and do what we love.

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