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Venusian Day

The end of the first week in our new space at Queens Parade.  Finally I get to write a blog post actually in the shop at my new desk. It’s been quiet today but still have connected with some incredible people not just interested in what we do but interested in getting involved.

I’ve used that little bit of quiet time to just take a minute and let it all in.  And be still. Centre myself and take a slow walk through the various bits and pieces on my to do list.  And as the Moon in Taurus taking things slow and steady is about right.

Also highly Venusian (ruler of Taurus) was the urge to “play” with some of the crystals sitting in their china bowls and create a healing mandala. (Pictured below) Intuitively chosen and placed the pattern and stones featured focused on positivity, light, peace and clarity to facilitate self-expression.  Perfectly aligned to what the space is about and the conversations I have had this week.



So thank you to those amazing beings of Light in crystal and human form that have graced our space.  We are truly blessed.

Namaste x

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