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All roads

My days are going by fast. There is still so much to do, my Moon in Virgo is itching to write lists, plans and schedules and settle things down but not yet.  This is the time to talk, connect, explore and open which are the very experiences i have had in our little space so far.

As I am reflecting on the last few days, especially the vastly different activities that are now my everyday, what has struck me is the universal logic running through everything. That every previous moment has led to this present moment creating a new picture from the images before.  Now even I think that statement sounds a bit vague and abstract so I will illustrate:

I’ve never worked in a shop before but I spent a Summer working in a stock room, organising and sorting. I’ve spent my career in businesses rather than a public role but I worked in a busy bar and promoted products at trade shows. I’ve never marketed this businesses but I’ve handed out leaflets and liaised with bars and cafes in Peru to raise awareness of a charity.  I’ve never run a retail business but I ran my own business for 7 years. All those pieces on their own may have seemed random but together form the experience I am tapping into right now.  

All roads have led me here, conscious and unconscious.  And it feels like Home.

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