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The Gratitude Dance

I had a boogie last night. Doesn’t sound particularly postworthy but for me it’s what a dear friend and amazing coach calls a “shining goal”. Dancing has always played a huge role in my life as a symbol of both freedom and merging. Not that I am particularly accomplished, or trained, just, erm…enthusiastic.

Starting on the road to recovery from M.E, a feat necessary in order for me to manifest my space, I set some very sensible goals: get well, be able to work, help out, contribute to keeping our home…but also a few shining goals. Obviously opening the shop was one but also being able to put on my party shoes again, or even now and again, shaking my tailfeather with the Aquarian (who is quite the snake-hipped mover) and friends on dancefloor.

What an absolute joy.  My moment of bliss, no meditation cushion needed.

I get it now. Because it all starts with gratitude.  From the days of not even being able to move a thought from one part of my brain to another through sheer exhaustion where I started with being grateful for the simple ability to breathe, to the awesome appreciation I felt last night, communing with fellow lovers of the dance, its been a constant theme in recovery.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying I have found the secret formula for success or a magical cure because that’s not the point.

Because it’s not about being rewarded with nice things when you are grateful, it’s about being grateful regardless.  When you are you have the strength to see the silver lining, that glimmer however faint.

And the world feels a little brighter.

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