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It was the shop’s day off today but not mine. Because today the shop got a bit of TLC ready for the week ahead.

I love caring for the space.  Keeping it fresh and clean,  using my Tibetan Chimes to cleanse the crystals, making sure those soft tingles and warm whispers are still evident.

I’ve also been working on another type of care.  That is, planning different activities that will keep the space dynamic and uplifted.  We have been blessed that so far a growing number of people in the area are interested in using the space to provide therapies and consultations. Also sharing circles, which are an opportunity for a group of people to get together and explore an area of spiritual and/or personal development they love.  Two in particular we are working on are a Tarot circle and an Angel circle.

And workshops on a wide spectum of personal and spiritual topics. First up will be a workshop on my favourite subject – of course the crystals which I am planning for the afternoon of 24th August; a short introduction to those pretty rocks and how to work with them for your own personal development.

I’ll be setting up the details for this shortly on our Facebook page so stay tuned…



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