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Retail therapy

I’ve been quite tired today which is no surprise given the pace I’ve been working at the last few weeks. This is what you might call “normal” tired. That is, normal people of a usual healthy disposition (whoever they are) would also feel a bit weary with this level of extertion so this is something to be celebrated.

What do “normal” people do when they are tired? Seems like an obvious question, or at least with an obvious answer, but I’ve lost my frame of reference. Time to build a new one…

So after a little rest and connection with the crystals I decided that a little kinetic energy would be helpful and set about planning the therapy/meditation room.  As this involved tacks, ladders, hammers and several nooks and crannies it shook quite a bit of that sluggish feeling out of me as well as brightened the space.

This is the beginning of the next phase.  The shop is nice and settled and soon the therapy room will be ready and we can start scheduling sessions.  And with the therapists I have connected with since opening as well as our own, we’re going to have quite the variety!

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