Spiritual work

What’s my name?

I realised today as I was closing up for the evening that the shop/space was really starting to looked lived in. I’m not using that in the way that my Mum used to say my room was “lived in”, rather that certain warm and friendly energies from new friends from the local community have snuggled in and blended with the energies of the crystals. It really feels quite lovely.

It’s the shop becoming much more that a shop. The space is finding its own identity…a community space…an emporium…a studio…. all good names but not quite the right fit. Oh well, a place ruled by Neptune and run by a Pisces is going to be a bit formless. So we’ll leave the precise wording for now.

It’s how it feels that counts.



Thanks and humble gratitude to another warm and friendly energy, Amanda Roche, for the incredible photo ✨

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