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Market forces

In my usual fluid go with the flow version of planning Wednesdays seem to have become my focussed marketing and promotion day. 

My marketing skills are not at the same level as my knowledge and application of crystal healing, astrology or, as was, HR, They have been previously limited to a role promoting a charity in Peru through meeting with and getting to know bars, clubs, cafes and restaurants (what a hardship) and a somewhat scary day handing out leaflets in the Plaza de Armas. Pisces, especially 12th house Pisces, are not comfortable with things that make them too visible so standing in the centre of a busy square trying not to be a bother is not up there on my most fun things to do list.  It seems too that even the virtual world has its own version of this square, otherwise known as Twitter.

Try as I might, and I am trying, this is one medium that is presenting a real challenge. In astrological terms its a semi-square or a sesqui-quadrate so not quite the energy of a square but resistance and discomfort. A good friend of mine (and Libran ascendant) really gets Twitter and when I am with her I can see how incredible it could at connecting people and energy, being part of and building what she calls “a global conversation”.  But then I forget, Pisces takes over and i’m back in that square again…

There’s a message here and i think, no I know, its around perserverence.  Like the message of yesterday, its not about how much but enough. If I have faith, stay consistent and disciplined the “resonant” connections will be made. The eyes that are meant to will see those 140 characters and the conversation will begin.

In that case, I better get comfortable with being visible. That might be a good place to start! 


So of course what happens?  Just after writing this I connected (through this challenging medium Twitter) with a “like-spirited” soul.  Instant reminder from the Universe. Trust, Kirstie. T.R.U.S.T

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