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Back to work

Back in the shop today, in the sanctuary.  A lively sanctuary today.

The morning was brightened with the vibrant and dancing energy of children as we transformed the shop space into a yoga studio.  And the children loved the session with Pamela from Barefeet Yoga. Consequently more sessions are being planned.

Straight after, as one space reverted back another was redressed, this time the therapy room, set up for the incredible energy blocking/mood transforming/full on relaxing massage experience from Barbara at Manfredi Massage.  I can say this with complete conviction as I received an amazing Shiatsu Chair Massage which achieved all of the above. I can’t wait for Barbara’s next visit on Thursday!

And to top off the most dymanic and expansive day since we opened, I held a guided meditation for the weekly “Like Spirited” group and we journeyed “into” our crystals to access wisdom and guidance to support our own spiritual development.

A great start to September.

In Love, Light and Service ✨

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