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Kind of tired

Back home now after a jampacked weekend with family. What a lovely time it was too although now I feel a bit jetlagged from the various mostly exertive (but fun!) activities.

This used to be a scary moment for me. But this time not so. By now i’d be experiencing anxiety about overdoing it, fretting about how and if I could get through the next few days without crashing out and flaking on all of my plans.  I couldn’t rely on a night’s sleep to refresh me because, as fellow people living with M.E/CFS/SEID know, a night’s sleep might result in the absolute reverse; robbing you of any remaining stores of energy, like you have been plugged into something and drained over night.

Now, with humble gratitude to the lessons and guides this year -Saturn’s boundary dance in particular- I am able to wake refreshed and look forward to week ahead.  Reverting back to that slow and steady pace, the gentle rhythm that has allowed my recovery. 

And what a week it will be too, especially tomorrow. A free Yoga for Children demonstration tomorrow morning, Massage therapy in the afternoon and then an evening of guided meditation.  Then more planning over the next few days to organise more amazing events for the space. 

So here I find myself. In new territory. Happy and grateful, and looking forward to my working week.

Namaste ✨

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