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Let it flow

Abundance has been the theme of today. Issues around, blocks, meditating on, receiving reminders about…it’s been constant. I believe this is the work of Venus shortly completing her retrograde movement bringing up things about relationships and money from the shadows for us to work on.

Money is ruled by Venus in mundane astrology and I can understand why. The planet associated with love and relationships where exchanges are made on a promise makes sense for these promisory notes we spend (too much?) of our time focussed on. Also we form attachments to money as we do relationships, to the extreme of desire and gratification. We attempt to possess it, nurture it and help it grow.

Yet that is only one side of money. The other side is that it is flow. Money is energy that flows like the breath as I’ve written before. In and out and in again. It is infinite as energy is infinite and as with all energy work when we give it our intention we can allow it to manifest.

It’s a prominent form of abundance but not the only one and we block it by believing it’s scarce or not for us, or hoard it in case someone tries to take it away from us. So what happens when you remove the blocks? What happens when you let it flow?

This I am working on. “Abundance is our birthright” as a dear friend wrote on our table in the shop. I don’t have answers only questions and reflections but from conversations with new friends and old I am not the only one.

What are your messages around abundance? How do you allow that natural flow? Share if you feel moved to do so, we could all do with an insight or two…

In love, light and service ✨

1 thought on “Let it flow”

  1. My abundance of money keeps being used on buying more crystals each month. Sheesh! 😀 😀 😀

    Every time before I buy I make myself stop and really consider and decide if I am just buying to buy (it is so fun to get things in the mail) or if I really have a use for them.

    I have stopped myself from buying a few things, but for the most part I just feel this DEEP need to have more crystal support and so I listen to that inner voice.

    Also… I think Britain’s paper money is so lovely. In my opinion it has better art aesthetics that American paper money. ❤

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