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These times 

Another week has passed for our little shop space and i’m still feeling the magic. 

I am honoured to have been guided to bring this vision into being. And I know now that it’s not my vision or my idea rather I am custodian to an idea that was already floating in the ether.  Not only that but this idea is also not a noun, it’s a verb as it is constantly changing, shifting. Sometimes in surprising ways. Change, as I was often fond of saying during my HR days is not a noun. Giving change the definition of a noun gave people the assumption that there would be a time before and after where things were still.  Where they had complete control of their work rather the evolving energetic entity in which they worked.  “This organisation is always going through “change” people would say rather than things are always changing. The subtle difference in language actually being the key.

So it would seem impermanence has been the theme today. The message being to live in a state of change, not just live but embrace it.  Those that try and resist change (and i’m not talking employees now) have or will have the same success as Canute with the sea.  It won’t go back to the old ways, you can’t make it go away and you cannot possess energy that constantly shifts through your fingers.  

So I’m working with the idea-ering energetic entity know as our little shop space and will continue to nuture and witness its growth. 

In love, light and service ✨

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