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The great adventure

Shop day off today so since I missed last week’s tidy and sort day due to travelling back from up north I made sure it had plenty TLC.  It’s always a lovely feeling getting the shop ready for the week ahead.  It’s “as above, so below” so the love, care and cleansing I give the shop is part of a ritual for self-care.

Another part, and a new part of the ritual, is two-fold. Space to catch up with dear friends either physically or via Skype and another space for exploring my own inner world with my new coach, Estelle. Estelle is working with me as a Business coach to support the growth of RSL Collective in a way that is authentic and aligned to my core values.  It’s an exciting process which my Aries ascendant particularly loves because its legitimised Me (Me Me!) time.

On a more serious (and more earthy) note it’s also a powerful process digging into the very centre of who “I” am and what is important to me.  Today we started by focussing on my core values ie what is important to me. It sounds such a simple question and therein lies the power and with that Estelle’s skill.

Simple, powerful questions.   A great way to begin the exploration or deepen understanding of your inner world. Because no matter how much you think you know, there is always more.

That is the nature of our multidimensional selves which is why I believe getting to know who you truly are is the greatest adventure you’ll ever have.

Thank you, Estelle, for lighting the way ✨

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