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Today has been the first day since before opening the shop that I’ve had one of those truly “veg out” days.  A pyjama wearing, box-set watching, sofa snuggling day. Just me and the Aquarian. No thoughts, no to do lists, no poignant questions, just “lying like broccoli” enjoying our time together. (Can’t remember where that quote is from)

I don’t envisage having many of these days and to be honest, with days if not weeks of enforced lying around due to insidiuous M.E crashes, I don’t particularly crave them either.

But now and again I can allow myself this small indulgence and feel such gratitude for those moments of lazy bliss.  

So until tomorrow when the hard work (thankfully) starts again.

Namaste ✨

3 thoughts on “Snuggled”

  1. I had one of those last weekend. It was a (typically) cold, rainy bank holiday Monday and I just lolled all day watching “just one more episode” until they were done. It’s been two years since I did that and I thoroughly, blissfully, enjoyed it.

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