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Astro insights 

I’ve spent the majority of my shop day in the meditation/therapy room enjoying its nurturing uplifting colours and sweet smells today. The primary reason for this is that i’ve been Astro-Rocking.

No i’ve not mentioned that for a while as it took a little bit of a back seat over the last couple of months. (Understandably) But it’s still been there, patiently waiting. 

Possibly waiting for a bit of Mercurial support in the form of the Virgo Sun helping access the vast amount of labelled, boxed astrological data in my head which in turn helped me trigger my intuition leading to what were hopefully helpful insights for the consultees.

Possibly also waiting to remind me that the last 20 years of amassing those 10,000 hours of experience in the heavily Virgoan-Pisces field of HR had a broader purpose as the reading is morphing into more coaching than expected…to the point of giving people homework.

Message received. Thank you for waiting. ✨

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