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It’s their kind of love

I am blessed to have connected with some incredible Capricorn souls who are very active within the Collective.  Two of these Saturn ruled sisters were with me today and we had our own healing sharing circle, exchanging energy and healing techniques. With love and a deep desire to support the other person’s well-being and without a doubt raising the vibration of the space even higher. 
It was very special as it was also the first time in quite some time that I was able to practice crystal healing therapy. I have been concentrating on sharing my knowledge about working with crystals, decoding birth charts and of course selling crystals so I didn’t anticipate that this kind of therapeutic healing would be something I would be doing for a while.

Not so. And I remember why…

It’s such a loving practice. Working with the subtlest of energy, those warm whispers, and allowing that love to channel through you and guide your hand as the crystals offer their gentle assistance. It is such an honour to understand and work this way and I feel like something has returned from a far off land.

I am indeed in humble gratitude to the healing energy of those pretty rocks and to those Capricorn sisters for allowing to share with them.

In love, light and Divine service ✨

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