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Revealing retreat

Back in London now. As soon as we arrived into Waterloo station it felt like I’d clattered into dense, whirling energy. It took a little while before I restabilised and was ready for my journey home. 

There has been something about this trip that has felt other-dimensional, especially yesterday and this morning, that we were very far away rather than 2 hours from the city. It’s been a deeply reflective weekend in between the fluffy white towels and glasses of wine where my Virgo friend and I have done some deep work possibly without realising. We’ve both asked each other and ourselves questions that reach into our depths, facing some of our shadow and coming to terms with some deeply held assumptions, all themed around the qualities of Virgo. 

Mine in particular around that subtle energy. How my own inner scientist struggles with the inner hippy’s faith in what we cannot see or physically evidence, and how that dynamic plays out in my work now. It’s always a work in progress and I ask myself whether that is the point?  I think that it is. That inner struggle is a misnomer as it’s not a struggle at all. 

It’s the creative tension is what provides me with my platform for teaching and sharing what I know. Pisces (I believe) intentionally collaborating to find common ground with Virgo (I evaluate). My intuition playing the role of faciliator, lovingly seeking to understand their intentions, without judgment. 

Of course the tension means that there always times when one tries to dominate the other (I win) but when you take winning off the table it can lead to the joy of discovering new connections.  Like demonstrating the changes in subtle energy through through dowsing a person’s energetic “state” before and after treatment and sharing the ability to connect with crystals through the senses and evaluate the changes. And of course, articulating feelings and concepts in a structured way.

So that “struggle” is revealed and I can see the thread of universal logic running through:  Shadow becomes light through learning to love without judgment each and every part  For they all have a role, a unique perspective, which is there to help us grow. 

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