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New Moon messages

New Moon in Virgo today and as this is a significant moon for both myself and my particular Bikram loving Sun in Virgo companion we are going to do some work with the Moon herself tonight.

Virgo, the sign of service, of discernment, the critical evaluator, is calling us to reflect upon what is important, what works, what needs action. Ultimately, as it is with following your own intuition, to manifest in a practical, meaningful way how best we can use our talents and unique qualities, garnered from creative Leo, to help others. 

As it is the sign that is also the meticulous discriminator of information and knowledge its also a time to work out what is real and what is “maya”, illusion, glamour. None of that showy, in the spotlight Leo stuff for our Virgo its all about getting real.

Therefore the conjunction of Sun and Moon in Virgo offers the opportunity for us to tap into the celestial magic, consider where we are going and where we want to go and “send out” our detailed message.  Ask the Moon, guidance I received back in the beginning of this journey, and, in the case of this Moon, be serious in your requests. 

Because she is asking you get out there and make a difference.

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