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Puppy Joy

Recently, very loving and generous Mother and Daughter friends of mine bought me an Oracle deck as a celebratory gift for opening the shop. The deck is The Spirit Messages by John Holland. On New Moon in Virgo I consulted the deck and was guided to a card called Animal Kingdom. I knew therefore to expect a message from an animal shortly and more than that i knew exactly which animal it would be.

Much earlier than I expected given her full time nurturning role of a very young puppy, another wonderful and loving friend of mine contacted me about visiting the shop with her dog as she (the puppy) was ready to embrace the world. Thank you Universe, my message is ready!

So presenting our animal spirit guide, Mia. Such a gorgeous soul. A soul that embodies unconditional love, a soul being lovingly cared for by a heart of such compassion and strength (her Mum!) And what an energy she brought to the space! The presence of a fairy child is the best way to describe it.

Scrumptious. She filled my heart until it was overflowing with joy.

And that is her message! Joy! Remember the joy.  In our country, and in this city of London, a large proportion of us have a choice whether to be joyful or fearful, whether to be grateful or lacking. So much we block by looking the other way.  We all do it at some point. We wobble, hit a wall, get a bit lost, and forget that we are blessed. Sometimes we need a reminder, a nugde. Mia was mine.

So thank you my darling friend and your incredible fairy child.

In humble gratitude. ✨

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