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Mercury’s backwards motion already yielding results in terms of reflection
Specifically around our need to label and define to make sense of our world. Right on the money with Sun in the label-maker itself, Virgo. One of my new Capricorn sisters shared a story with me to illustrate.
When a child is taught about birds and is given the name of a particular type of bird they no longer see that bird. What that sight was we will not know.
So what could we see without the label? What do we automatically filter out?
And don’t try and answer just be with the question. Allow it in rather than batting back an answer…if you can.
Mercury rules communication and within that language, taking concepts and creating words to fit. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and wants to work out these words in detail. Retrograde Mercury turns this on its head, or more aptly turns us on our head. Like…and I was just about to use a metaphor there to illustrate such is my need to make sense of my statement!
So this Moon in Virgo (label) is going to have some fun with this one. Zen thy name is Retrograde Mercury.
3 weeks to go.

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