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Smiling at Serendipity

Whatever blip I experienced last week is over.  This morning I meditated (Deepak’s Manifesting through Grace, amazing) and spent some time reviewing my transits and reflecting upon their messages.  Me time.  Me time that involved connecting to source (Pisces), Me (Aries) and some methodical analysis (Virgo), this seems to be the alchemical combination I need for being “steady as she goes”

And of course just to make sure the Universe sent me a few signs.  One was a lady new to crystals who was shining with excitement about exploring this new world. I loved sharing my knowledge and understanding with her as once someone did for me.  Another, was also a lady, a beautiful, wise and ancient Soul evident within, who was guided to the shop by our friend Serendipity and gave me a message from my guides. (for which I am now paraphrasing…)

“Allow it to pass through.  Whatever it is let it do it’s thing…without resistance”

What a calm and restorative feeling those words gave me.

They also gave me the courage to do something which would normally send me shivering into a corner… self-promotion. Well is it? I guess it’s more Collective promotion.

People familiar with our Facebook page will know that Time Out is running the “Time Out Love London Awards” and they are asking for people to vote for their favourite local place.

And you know what?  We have a lovely space,  everyone who comes in loves the energy and those involved and working with the space are adding their own unique loving vibration creating a truly magical place. (Come see or rather feel for yourself, I’ll put the kettle on) So if you have visited or would like to visit and feel so inclined please nominate us.  Not for us to win an award but because it will help us get our message out there.  Help people connect, explore their inner world and do what they love.

For a Reason, Season or a Lifetime…

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