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Soul searching

Today I attended one of our workshops myself, Soul Collage. That’s one of the major perks of my work, you could call it enjoying the fruits of my labour!
Prior to completing the Introductory course today I called it Vision boarding for the Soul. It is indeed but so much more. What a powerful process! Firstly, giving myself permission to take some time to relax and tune into my creative, intuitive side and let my logic, rational brain take a nap despite the many and varied things I’ve given myself to do. Secondly the complete surprise at the images I chose for my collage. And how significant they turned about to be.
Much more to come, as the insights will continue to reveal themselves.
So thank you Regiane. Thank you for introducing me to this and holding a safe space for me to explore, learn and grow.
Namaste. 🌟

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