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Collective insights

Today’s resounding message from above was “Let it flow”.  Unsurprising for a space ruled by Neptune.  The planet where boundaries are dissolved and there is no form is great for the type of work we do, however, when it comes to structure, it can be a challenge.

So be like water, let it flow. A message for all of the core members of the Collective this week.  Things don’t see to turn out the way we expected but when we allow for change, impermanence, new ideas and practice come to light.

Like our Yoga for children where our wonderful yoga teacher prior to her class was approached about doing Yoga for adults. Like myself as shopkeeper, when a large number of the Aquarian’s family came to visit today and with them brought their blessings and their love. Like our massage therapist who created an incredibly regenerating and relaxing foot massage using a hand-polished rose quartz pebble and her amazing talent. (Self-care has never felt so good) 

None of us got what we expected but through the suggestions of others manifested so much more.  

I feel deeply that the true purpose of the space has not yet revealed itself but we may have caught a glimpse today. So thank you Barefeet Yoga, Manfredi Massage and my new family to be for being part of this unfolding story. 

Namaste āœØšŸ™šŸ½ 

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