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It’s time, little warrior, to put down your arms and allow yourself to fall

into the embrace of the Mother, her care and love, always there never ending or beginning.

It’s time, little warrior, to balance the scales and allow yourself to forgive

all of your wars and broken toys,  now divested of purpose

It’s time, little warrior, to open your heart and allow yourself to grieve

For the stage you set for your game.

and Begin Again.

I’ve not shared one of my poems before, although in this case poem doesn’t feel like the right word.

I woke up to experience the Lunar Eclipse this morning and meditated on the message. With the Aries-Libra opposition and the South Node (where we have come from) in Aries, the beginnings of the above was received.

In writing this I didn’t expect it to take a poetic form rather I thought this might be one of my longer  “Call to Action” posts but, as seems to be a recurring theme, the unexpected happened.

It’s time…


Thankyou James Robertshaw for the amazing photo.

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