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Shifting consciousness


Back in the shop today. The little sanctuary of calm in what feels like a confused and restless energy throughout London town. Most likely Mercury at its most influential in its retograde motion. 

I don’t think I’m immune to his charms either as certainly any attempts at doing anything technological today has gone awry. In fact I would be surprised if i manage to post this today without any mishaps!

But on the lighter side of Mercury, something you can feel when you lean into it, is the subtle shifts in consciousness as our intuition and inner wisdom is heightened. Sometimes that is just a feeling that something is different, like a word of the tip of your tongue. Sometimes that shifts allows you to access messages not just from within but across time and space.

I was “guided” to focus Saturday’s on highlighting a particular crystal for the week. The first one up is Labradorite. What i call the “Star Child” crystal. When I look at this stone i just want to disappear inside it as it whispers to me that here i can merge with the Universe. The ultimate Piscean dream. It reminds me of a stormy sea with the sunlight (or moonlight) catching the waves. 

It’s also an excellent stone for going within.  Therefore just the crystal for working with these shifts. Whether that be through meditation or being mindful of subtle changes when you are wearing or carrying the stone it will assist in accessing the messages held deep in our core, but not just our own messages but the messages held in our “energetic” memory. That is, the memories of other lives, other worlds, even other dimensions. At it carries in its own core, the most important message of all…

We are all one. 

2 thoughts on “Shifting consciousness”

  1. Thank you for sharing this. A friend told me that purging my home of unwanted items – tidying up – during mercury in retrograde is a great idea. Do you know if this is true? You seem like a wealth of information. Thank you!

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    1. Hi Madeline
      Thank you for your lovely words!
      I would certainly say that the retrograde period is a good time to look back on what is important however making decisions during this time could be tricky! With its messing about with communication at this time we might not have all the information or could get things confused. However it is a time to tap into your intuition and be guided by that. Trust what you feel xx


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