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Visible status


Another insight has bubbled up over the last few days courtesy of our friend Mercury.  Something that has been sitting under the surface which I was half aware of but, again, had not really “received”

It’s around being public. Visible. And i mean VISIBLE!  Something I had not fully appreciated on the start of this journey.

It’s been a blessing to have an Aries Ascendant practically jumping at any chance of doing something new and interesting. Exploring and innovating, forging ahead over that cliff, without a care or worry.  Without it I would not have started my blog and certainly would not yet have a shop or be anywhere close to manifesting my dream.  The Pisces in me would still be in its dreamworld and the Virgo would be trying to attain perfection. So thank the Universe for my Fool-ish side. 

Of course when Aries has done its job it hands it over to the rest to work out the details.  And then I discover everything that has been missed.  Ultimately I don’t mind that once I’m through the other side looking back.  Saying yes then figuring it out afterwards has become a bit of a mantra in fact.

But during. That’s the work. That’s the spiritual work to be precise. Because that’s when I tap into the real discovery. The inner journey.  Another layer of the “Me”

In the case its how uncomfortable I feel being visible. Writing a blog has been ideal because I can be public without revealing who I am.  (Notice there are no real names?) Running a shop, however, does not offer the same kind of anonymity. Instead it forces me to show myself. Literally visible to everyone who comes by, using my name, publicising events and the shop itself. More than that I am learning that this work involves promoting myself and shop, increasing the level of visibilty each time to the point of solidity.  Argh, you can see me!

To this 12th house Pisces Sun visibility is tough. Bed of Nails tough. No doubt as it goes back to the innate desire Pisces has to merge, to go home to the Central Sun. But tapping  into my intuition I also see that desiring invisibility is actually a distortion of the message as none of us are, nor do I believe we should be, invisible.

This is the insight. Stay visible. Get comfortable with it. Expose your Self. 

Even writing that I shift in my seat.  So I have still have a way to go. But I also know that, one day, i’ll be there looking back.

So off comes the cloak. Here I am.

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