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It’s been quiet in the shop today so i’ve been taking the time to work on my ever growing to do list. After sorting out some of the “absolutely must do’s” and managed to find the space and energy to devote to something that has been gently buzzing around my energy field since the week after opening…

Create a new space.

No, i’ve not turned into Richard Branson and am quite content in my NW2 sanctuary, what i mean is a virtual space. A space for people to share their own wisdom, experiences and feelings on working with crystals.  Maybe its the inner scientist or the HR desire for feedback but when people come in and buy a crystal I always ask them to come and tell me how they find working with it. What differences they have noticed, how and what they felt and what might have changed in them as a result. 

Yes its seems the HR in me is not far away at all.

So presenting RSL Crystal workers, both here on this blog site and within Facebook.  A space for people to share their own unique intuitions about particular crystals, ask questions and build up their own knowledge base of these amazing pretty rocks.

Enjoy! ✨

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