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Pregnant pause


Another unexpected moment…

I didn’t expect that I would be sitting in a shop this time last year for sure. In a meditation room, certainly not.  Holding a space for Pregnancy Yoga? Couldn’t have begun to fathom that was possible.

But that is what is happening right now.  If ever I wanted to receive a message that anything can happen when you open up to trust and gratitude today is that day. 

I can smile at this because, like yesterday, it affirms my intuition on planning, my kind of planning that is, as this opportunity was a complete out of the blue moment. I’d thought of workshops for children, then met a Yoga teacher specialising in working with children.  I’d thought of exploring different wisdom traditions then met a lady keen to lead an exploration on the Kabbalah. I’d thought of how art and meditation could be combined then met an intuitive artist who will shortly run workshops which explore visualising and drawing your inner world.

But I had not thought of the this space for Pregnancy classes.  That one was Divinely created. 

Of course when I think of it I see that universal logic running through.  The space that has been created and being held by myself and others is a nurturing space, the meditation room almost womb like in its feeling of comfort. And it’s a space for growth, loving gentle growth.

A beautiful angelic woman told me last week that Ascended Master Kuan Yin was working with me now.  I think she just made an appearance. ✨

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