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Planning with Pentacles

It’s been a juggling day today. This is good. Reminds me of the Two of Pentacles in Tarot. In the Rider Waite deck he is a happy soul juggling two golden coins. Positively expressed it could be about multi-tasking, bringing things together and starting to create something new.

For me its been about starting the co-ordinate and build the structures that support the Collective, specifically arranging, liaising, communicating and planning around the various workshops and therapies that are happening this month and next. 

It’s so heartening to see this incredible space being “held” by a diverse range of people and experiences. From Pregancy Yoga to Cranio-Sacral therapy, from a Healer’s Circle to Beginners Tarot, things are definitely starting to gather pace. And i still can’t quite believe how well this space transforms from a therapeutic healing space to an (albeit small) yoga studio! From a shop!! 

Shop plus indeed…

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