Friendship, Gratitude, M.E, Spirituality


I saw my M.E friend today. Not just saw but witnessed her in her magnificent glory as she said “I do” sparkling in gold from the inside and out. Glowing from growing a child, a long held dream, and shining with love for her new husband.  

We had the briefest but a poignant moment to look back together down that mountain path to two years ago. This was when we walked together bonded in (more ways than one) the woes of our burnt out physical bodies, bodies refusing to do what we wanted like the stubbornest of mules.  Knackered, often so knackered we couldn’t even say the word but so so grateful for a little piece of modern technology called Skype.
Skype coffees were our way of connecting in the physical world and helping each other through.

And now here she is, off to climb another mountain path, one where Skype coffees might feature for a  very different reason.  And I wave her off.  Our weak bodies transformed as we align to following our dreams.

Congratulations my lovely friend.  I am honoured to have walked beside you ✨

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