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The multi talented Ann Theato, tarot reader, psychic and medium and creator of beautiful hand-made tarot bags and cloths (for starters) gave me this message today. It was one of those moments where it hits you that you knew this and you will also know this:

“Lightworkers- You’ve been doing this work for many many lifetimes. My guides love to say If you could see your spiritual resume you’d never doubt your ability to do this work. You’re more than ready”

If this is for you, you’ll read this and like me it will smack you between the eyes…

I’ve been saying, to anyone and everyone willing or no choice to listen, that what we do here isn’t to be revered like we have some power others don’t. We all can access our intuition. Our Collective,we’re not gurus, we’re not the world’s experts but we are special (we all are) and we do work hard and with dedication to our work, our service.  We’ve spent time and no doubt quite a bit of money tuning in, listening, practising and sharing to hone our craft and we honour the connection we have to the Universe, Spirit and our Source.  We share that with you in an exchange of energy, which in the case of living in this world is mainly (but not always) the energy of money.  

It is a service of value in so many ways and yet some of us, especially me, struggle with that concept- putting a value on what we do. Add in my propensity for giving stuff away for free and “helpfulitis” and you’ve got quite the concoction. I’m still working it all out, still exploring but always learning.

Because i’ve been here before. I’ve done this before. In a time before money was the means of exchange. As have we all. We’ve just forgotten. And with it may have a tendency to forget what is truly of value. 

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