Spiritual work

Work in progress

The energy feels intense today. That has been a common experience in conversation with visitors to the shop.  It appears a large number of us are feeling it. Whether it be planetary or tapping into the rhythms of the Northern Hemisphere slow down as everything returns to the Earth to be reborn again, it feels

Tough. Going.

As i reflect on that i get the message that this is part of the nature of work. Work as our career, even service is part of it but the other is the work we do on ourselves.  The deep transformational personal work we are called to do. (Not at all co-incidentally as the Sun moves into Scorpio) That is the intensity, as not only does it feel tough on a physical level – lots of tasks, activities, chores- but on a emotional/spiritual level too as the experience maybe forcing us to deal with issues that have been lurking in shadows.  

This could be a time where we need to put one foot in front of the other and just keep going.  (Are we sure Mercury is direct again?) But its always an opportunity too. Illuminate those dark corners, bring it all to the surface and share your worries and vulnerabilities. Scorpio might be considered the secretive sign but its also so sensitive with the deepest emotional wells.  And strong attachments too, authentic non-frivolous attachements

So with that there’s the message. Share your emotional underbelly with others, form stronger deeper bonds. 

And find the light in your shadow.

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