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Something old…

Today has felt like one of the “old days” as I am tired.  Almost jet-lag like tired.  Rather than push through my intuition told me to rest today today. For the shop day off to be my day off too.  Well…ish.

Rather than the old days where I’ve either been tired from HR work or had a resurgence of M.E symptoms, today I’ve still been pottering and planning as that manifested dream down the road keeps me going.    It also reminds me that things are not as they were.  A dip in energy at this time of year is normal,  and from discussions with those near and dear something they are experiencing too.  That fear (one of my very scary monsters) that this means another M.E relapse still has a voice but not as loud as before, in the “old days”.

No, this is part of the natural rhythm of things.  A slowing down into the deep waters of Scorpio and a wrapping up as we approach Samhain (Summer’s End).

Out with the old…

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