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Party planning today.  There isn’t going to be much time before Saturday so today the Aquarian and I scoured our local area for costume accessories and other Halloween fare.

I planned the start of my blog specifically to start the day after Halloween. All Saints/Souls Day in Christianity or Samhain in Wicca. The time that signifies life and death, endings and beginnings. A time when we can cross the veil and where we honour our ancestors, those have placed us firmly on our path. It’s also a time when we confront our shadow, delving deep into our psyche where our monsters live and our fears prevail. And we shine a light. A lantern to lead our way back.

I had so much fear when I started my blogging journey and certainly have worked through my share of inner monsters (criticism, judgment, martydom, anger, doubt, despair). But this ending is also a celebration of beginning. This Crystallising Dream may be coming to a close

But there is so much more to come…

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