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It’s here.

So this is it.  Day 365.  Final post of Crystallising Dream.

I thought I would have something profound to write, one of my more deep and meaningful posts but it appears I’ve gone word-shy again…How do I put how I feel into words? How do I sum up the last year? How do I possibly get across the experience of following and manifesting such a long held dream?

The message comes back…by saying thank you.

Gratitude.  I’ve said it before and many times. Gratitude got me here.  Being thankful for every sign, message, messenger, challenge (gallstone), fear, insecurity, hope and surprise.

And of course for my intuition. That inner bestie, my Soul, who has gently and carefully guided me to stay the course and just.keep.going.  And with it “those upstairs” who have facilitated the manifestation process and continue to work with not just me but the space itself.

This part of the journey is done.  And a whole new adventure awaits…

In love, light and Divine Service

Kirstie ✨

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