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Wave Goodbye, Say Hello

After an incredible and lively party on Halloween, enjoyed by both people and energetic beings alike, we have focused on the themes of regeneration and renewal.  Samhain, the pagan ritual from which we take most of our Halloween hullabaloo, denoted Summer’s End and a time to honour the ancestors, reflect upon life and death and signified the end of the Pagan yearly cycle.

It’s also astrologically the time of Scorpio, the sign associated with deep wells of emotion, authenticity and transformation (hard not to when ruled by Pluto). Reflection, renewal, inevitable change are therefore at the forefront and so, at our lovely space in Willesden Green, we have been working on transforming the space for the months ahead.

Hope, being the dream, working with love, community…these are our own themes which we will be sharing with you through our space itself, our workshops and even our therapies and readings.

There will be a few surprises and treats along the way too so please do join us on the next stage of our adventure.



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