Hope, Spiritual work


New Year, new year’s resolutions, and waiting until the New Year to make wide sweeping changes; our own cultural way of wiping the slate clean and starting over. The big outbreath of letting go of the old and embracing the new.

Our chance to reinvent ourselves, to learn from our past experiences and try again. It is not as hokey and eye-roll inducing as it might first seem because it really can carry that powerful energy that will allow you to manifest change.

If you want it. And most importantly, if you can believe you can do it. You can, with confident intent, utilise this cyclical moment to jump off and do something new. Its a cyclical moment that is completely made up, the 31st day of a unit of time rebooting itself because thats what we, somewhere along the line, decided was the way of things. A moment in time in which a large proportion of us human doings have channelled the power of hope and renewal.  Our collective confident intent of thinking it  has made it so.

So what do you intend for your world this coming year?  How are you going to use your own incredible power?

Because you thats what you have. The power. To create, to change, to manifest…with access to the most incredible force in the Universe…

Your love.

Happy New Year. Peace, love and hope to you all.

Kirstie ✨

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