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Ask Sally: Surviving Christmas

This used to be a tough time for me too, especially with the emphasis on food and well meaning friends and family buying chocolatey treats. It’s been a long road and knowing I was not alone was key to finding my way again.  Our wonderful advice columnist Sally, in her second piece for us, offers plenty of kind and thoughtful words for those of you who may be struggling along this road too…

In love, light and Divine Service

Kirstie ✨


Dear Sally

I find Christmas a really difficult time of year not least because I suffer from Bulimia and find the whole food thing overwhelming. I normally try to be extra strict in the lead up to the big day, denying myself the odd mince pie (because my fear is I wouldn’t stop at two) and even turning down evening invitations because I know once I’ve had a couple of drinks my will power will go and I’ll binge on loads of stuff when I get home. Also my fantasy is everyone else is doing really exciting things over the festive season, looking forward to being with their families and enjoying (without guilt) the Christmas feast.

Sandra, NW2

Dear Sandra

I agree Christmas is a difficult time of year. Not everyone has family or loved ones to spend time with and it is not unusual to feel alone and isolated especially when the expectation is that we are all going to have a fabulous time. For many people with eating disorders food provides emotional nourishment rather than physical nourishment and my recommendation would be to find a counsellor and explore your relationship with food. Once we can really get to grip with why we feel the need to overeat and can honestly allow ourselves to feel all our feelings the desire to abuse food or any other substance whether it is exercise or alcohol usually lessens. Self-acceptance, letting go of the need for perfection and having our childhood wounding witnessed by a compassionate therapist can really help. I would also recommend a course in mindfulness or meditation both of which can help you stay in the ‘now’ and help reduce feelings of anxiety or overwhelm. Reiki or Healing can also help ‘ground’ you and re-connect you with ‘Spirit’ and the sense that you are divinely protected and cared for.

Last but by no means least don’t forget to wear or keep about your person the heart healing crystal Rose Quartz which helps promote peace and tranquillity. It is useful for balancing our emotions and helping us to practising self-forgiveness. In my experience many of us are very hard on ourselves and this beautiful pale pink stone will remind you to let go and take it easy.

And finally a date for your diary is Monday 21st December at 6.30pm. RSL Collective on Queens Parade will be hosting a talk on mental health issues/eating disorders. Expect to find support, inspiration, a cup of tea and a warm welcome from Kirstie and her team plus some simple tips on how to survive the festive season.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Sally Turberville Smith is a qualified Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Nutritionist, Beauty Therapist and CPS accredited Healer working in Willesden Green. For more information about Sally or to book an appointment please email or visit


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