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It’s a while since I been a guest blogger on the RSL site and I do miss writing.  So below I have decided to include a small piece on a healing I received from one of our members, Katy.

Love and Peace to you all

Kirstie x

I had a reiki seichem and crystal healing session with an amazing therapist recently, Katy Keel of Soul Radiance.  And it was transformative.

Not content with how busy life can be at the best of times, setting up and developing a group enterprise means that I have lots of thoughts all the time whizzing off on their own paths on their own. And let’s not forget those less desirable thoughts -self-doubt, criticism and fear. And after Katy’s treatment and still today the incessant nature and sheer volume of thoughts has considerably diminished. Even to this day, that indecipherable nonsense that has continuiously orbited my self has…gone.

The treatment itself is worth a mention. Reiki Seichem healing is also known as Egyptian Reiki and originates from Ancient Egypt – Seichem means “Power of Powers” and it is deeply relaxing. It works with the elements and the different layers of the aura, also the Violet Flame and Angelic Light so is a very high vibrational energy. I was able to quickly float off into other realms and felt tension being released.  Combining the treatment with crystals was a real treat as crystals are, of course, my first love, so for me this was heaven. I felt them working with the Reiki energies and repairing my energy field.

Afterward I felt calm and, more importantly, free.  Free to move on and move deeper into exploring my own inner world and not be hindered by after-thoughts of what-ifs on my journey…

Thank you Katy

In humble gratitude


Katy specialises in helping people to clear away sabotaging thought patterns and limiting beliefs so you can reveal the radiance of who they truly are.  I offer one to one sessions of holistic counselling, various modalities of healing including crystal healing, theta healing and reiki seichem and astrology, she also teaches practitioner courses, meditation groups and retreats.  You can find out more information about Katy here.

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