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The First Solar Return of RSL

Well here we are and it’s exactly a year since the shop opened its doors.   To mark the occasion we had a small sale last week with some bubbles and delicious home-made cake made our resident Angel and healer, Loretta McCabe.

Looking back over the last year I have learnt so much about making a dream a reality, what works, what most certainly does not and how an ethereal vision such as this plays out in our 3D world.  But rather than summarise the last year in a narrative style, I wrote a poem a couple of days ago. And yes, I am most assuredly influenced by that great British poet…Pam Ayres.

So here’s to RSL Year 2.  Maybe its time to start writing again!

Love and Light



This time last year I was frantically cleaning

This space, the shop, the dream I’d been dreaming

And here we are a year further along

Lessons learnt, friends made, and much more to build upon.


From July fifteen its been run, run, run.

It’s been tough at times, and exhausting but so much fun.

We’ve had circles, tasters and supportive Red Tents

And over the course of the year, more than 100 events.


There’s been treatments and readings and plenty of rocks

Tricks and surprises and sometimes, the odd shock

With talents and skills from local clever folk

Artistic adventures and pretty interesting talks.


It’s been a journey for some and most definitely me

Never have I made so many cups of tea!

I’ve heard stories from people I might never have met

And felt my heart burst with joy from visits with pets.


Now I am pleased announce that this year alone

Over 1000 crystals have found a new home.

Too many people to say and I didn’t keep count

Have connected with us,  giving us a shout out.


Especially the Collective, that undefinable troupe

Like-spirited souls and the friendliest group

Who have come together to follow their dreams

And found this little space in Willesden Green.


Exploring and learning above and below

Planning, promoting and going with the flow.

Yet slow things might be at this strange time of year

Their positive intentions find the will, the love to persevere.


Because for all of us Collective types doing what we love

This is what community means when viewed from above

Working together to create a brand new way

Holding spaces for everyone to have their say.


So please keep in touch, stay tuned, follow our tale

In places like Twitter, Instagram and email

This dream is now a vision for the Aquarian age

The story to be shared on our Facebook page!


As we have changes in place and more plans afoot

And very soon we will announce the RSL reboot

A focus on wellbeing, good health now refined

It’s going to be a brand new year for Reason, Season, Lifetime!

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