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Goodbye RSL Collective

***February 2017 Update***

As of 1st February 2017, the experimental organisation, RSL Collective came to an end. But there is no need for sadness. Nothing is permanent and everything transforms. Its time is done and RSL is now moving aside to let in the new.

Moreover whilst the organisation is no longer there the people who gave RSL life and character are still very much around, still offering amazing therapies and readings or making and creating incredible products.

As for me, I will be concentrating on building my own business Astro-Rocks, offering birth chart interpretation readings, workshops on working with crystals and crystal healing sessions. More info about my services here

I will also be moving out of 1 Queens Parade which has been the home of Astro-Rocks as well as RSL Collective.  Plans are in place for my new home as well as plans to work across London, including hosting events for like-minded people such as the “Wise Women” community.

For further details and updates please see my group on Facebook.

Love and light

Kirstie x

1 thought on “Goodbye RSL Collective”

  1. Dear Kirsty

    Not sad but very sorry to hear the news! Do hope things work out well for you and please let me know of any crystal workshops you run!

    With very best wishes, Charlotte


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