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This is YOUR life, live it well

Back in Primrose Hill.  My body is still fizzing from the acupuncture treatment. What a curious sensation it is.  Pain and pleasure mixed so well together that you cannot distinguish the two.  Like the sudden relief from the explosive release of a sneeze which itself often comes with a side of discomfort.

That lovely sensation is a release of Chi or Qi, the energy force flowing through our bodies and beyond. The blocked Qi being released is like a dam breaking, flooding through in a rush to reach the regions of the body that have been most starved of its supply.

For me, Maire focused on the liver, the colon and the stomach.  My earth element has been dramatically out of balance for some time and has led to me over-extending myself, what she calls “running on empty”.  (This will not be a surprise to those also living with M.E) The flow of Qi into my liver, I am sure, is responsible for my new found assertiveness and rediscovered creativity, and most needed at this time, a marked increase in my physical energy.

As with most forms of energy work, as it is with a powerful crystal or reiki healing, it makes me ravenous.  In this case it can be attributed to the recent awakening of organs and energy points which have been thoroughly and completely depleted of nourishment.  The abstract becomes the literal as they now cry out to be fed. I oblige with a bowl of pasta followed by a carrot loaf.

Due to our western style of living, in particular what we term as “fast-living” the likelihood of blocking our energy through our activities, our emotions and our actions is almost inevitable. In some cases we consciously block our energy by denying our emotions, not expressing how we truly feel and hiding our authentic self.  We can even, should we wish, choose to block signals from our physical body of distress by numbing and medicating any unpleasant messages away.

We can become prisoners within our selves. Our own personal “locked-in” syndrome. Our voice muted, our limbs inert and our energy stuck, unable to flow the way we want and they way we know it can.

Energy medicine, such as Five Elements Acupuncture, is a release for our essential self in more ways than one but caution, this is no quick fix.  This is not a treatment in which you are the passive passenger being pricked to solve your problems.  You are wholly responsible for the energy flowing in and around your body. You choose where it can go, you decide how it can help you navigate the events and relationships of your life and with that, how you can thrive. No therapist can do that for you nor would they wish to.

Your therapist can assist you on the journey, as Maire is doing with me and has done with many other patients over the last 20 years.  They can provide the tools, the techniques, the knowledge of how you can heal yourself, some of this knowledge passed down for thousands of years but they are there to only open the door to understanding your body and your unique energy.

To benefit you must take control of your own healing, find our what it is you want and who you are. To be brave and vulnerable at the same time. It is a process, a journey of flow to be who you are meant to be. Because this is your life, it is your choice to live it well.



Five Elements Acupuncture is a holistic practice treating the mind, body and spirit. It enables you to reach your full potential. If you feel that this treatment can help you, Maire is available for appointments at her clinic in Primrose Hill, North London.

For more details see her website



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