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Her smile

She saw him and smiled. He returned her smile and a flicker of love entered his broken heart. His world-weary gaze became a glow of hope as his eyes met hers.  The words spoken to him in there steel glass office “there is no longer a job for you here” hurting a little less.

He saw her and smiled. She beamed back. She was lonely in this city, anonymised and unconnected. Just a spark of humanity she needed that day so she could make it through without red-sore eyes, delivered in this one moment.

She saw them and smiled. They stood tall. They were cold and weary, fighting all day to share their cause, their passion diminishing as everyone hurried past, tutting in discontent. They felt a little warmer now and gained strength to carry on.

They saw him and smiled. He grinned and his heart felt a little more full.  After three years of study and debate, he was feeling lost, without purpose, finding a world with a different view. He listened intently and caught a glimpse of his path.

He saw him and smiled. His eyes grew wide at being noticed. His invisibility he wore along with his pain, a little eased, a faint shape returning. He had lost his love just two months ago. The one person who made him feel seen and loved, so very very loved. His ache a little less now, his heart getting ready to be healed

Then he saw everyone and smiled. Seeing for the first time how much like him they all were.

His smile grew.


I wrote this for World Kindness Day.  I hope it raises a smile.

With love

Kirstie x


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