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Taking flight

I promised myself that I would work on my book a little each day. It didn’t matter how much, just something new. As is my zone of comfort I then developed a new daily ritual and included working with the planets and their aspects, and their corresponding Sabian symbols*. So far so good as I have kept to my word. Today though it felt a little tough. I needed something to ease me in to the flow. As I have been drawn to Sabian symbols I felt that they themselves might be able to help. That they did in an unforeseeable way. Below is the almost automatic writing that followed…

Taking Flight – revealing the Truth

These Sabian symbols are both obtuse and revealing at the same time, as much of the arcane world seems to be. To try and diffuse each symbol with thought alone sends them further back into obscurity as, like the Tarot, the magic comes when we allow the images to come up to us, when we invite them in and allow the images to explore us, our consciousness and experience. Like the High Priestess herself is a symbol of passivity, the symbols penetrate behind our veil of illusion and ego, triggering insight unreachable by other means.

Today’s symbol was 28 degrees Capricorn, the current placement of Mercury, the planet of thought and of communication; the external traveller which carries the messages from our own God, the Sun. The Sun, the soul self in its completeness, permits Mercury to bring these insights to light.

The Sabian symbol of 28 degrees Capricorn is “a large aviary”. As I close my eyes to contemplate this, inviting it in, I allow the birds within the aviary to take flight. There are so many and their song is so beautiful. Birdsong. The song carried from deep within as they tweet out their soul self. They are colourful too, mainly wren-like creatures, each with a different song, different rhythm and different tone.

Do I open the cage? I ask myself. Surprisingly I do not. They are content within their defined boundary. I notice the aviary is large and moreso, expanding. I start to focus on each bird individually.

A red bird, with feathers like velvet, approaches me. A golden throat and jet black claws. the same black tipped at the wings. It is joyous and free, seemingly unaware of its confinement.

Another bird approaches, a powder-blue again with a golden throat and white around the crown. It flies and swoops around my head with graceful flutters.

And finally, a summer-sunshine yellow bird with a green beak comes and sits on my left hand. I softly stroke its head, soothed by and soothing the bird.

Above me I see a rainbow of wings creating a feathered canopy which I lie under. I see trees and sense the whirr of forest life. There is no man-made structure to be seen. The boundaries of the aviary have shifted by allowing the birds to show me my actions were not needed.

I lie still. At peace.

What a comforting, enriching process! One I did not know existed until I started writing. Such wisdom is within us when we invite it in.

I may not have written any of my book today but surely I have done good work, all under the surface, letting the work come to me, to explore my consciousness and soul self, creating something new. Something that would have stayed in the ether, disembodied and waiting.

This is why I write. As I let the words flow my soul speaks. All I need to do is listen.

*Sabian symbols are fascinating. Created, or rather channeled in 1925, by a clairvoyant, Elsie Wheeler, working with astrologer Marc Edmund Jones to aid in the understanding of each unique degree of the zodiac at a deep intuitive level. Each symbol is a journey into our inner world and can help us reach our soul self.

More information on Sabian symbols here

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