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The alchemy of success

There is some wisdom working its way through at the moment specifically through Tarot. Today I was drawn to a new deck Tarot of the Old Path, not only illustrated by a woman but conceived by Wiccan practitioners imbuing Pagan wisdom and symbols within its 78 cards.

For my reading this morning working with the Dark days tarot I pulled the Nine of Pentacles. This card is one we like to see turn up as it can be about material wealth, success, and often hard-fought success requiring personal sacrifice. The old Path Tarot (featured) reflects that message too depicting a woman beautifully adorned, rich in the gold – the treasure we are conditioned to value, and the green of nature – the treasure beyond value.

It got me reflecting on success itself because if I am using cash reward or payment for work that is my gold coin, as a barometer that does not fit. At all.

Yet the green…The green draws me and I feel on the edge of something new, something tangible and something that is integral to my soul purpose. Could this be the success of which the Nine of Pentacles speaks?

I picked up my one of my current knowledge companions, Rachel Pollack’s Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom to delve further and found this quote pertaining to this card and I thought, as a phrase often memed, “This! Exactly this! She writes

” Success here means not so much worldly achievement as success in creating ourselves out of the material given us by the circumstances and conditions of our life”

Creating ourselves out of our experiences. What a powerful and liberating way to view this much distorted concept forged around money and celebrity. From that point those pentacles became so much more to me, the experiences and lessons some painful, full of conflict, some full of flow and contentment, which through time, reflection and work become skills, knowledge and wisdom. How alchemical! Our experiences become our gifts. They are our success.


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