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What if we are angels in training?
Each a step closer to our wings

Although these wings are not feathery and light
They are made of the strongest substance in the Universe, forged by experience and powerful learning
They are every colour of our emotions
They are soft to touch after lifetimes of abrasion

Yet we cannot break or bend what is created in the Divine

What if our Light is the core material
Weaving threads with each connection made in love?

Cords of the deepest compassion for each other, shimmering in infinite rainbow light
They are offered in complete trust
They are cared for like blessed children

So together we can take winged flight through the stars.

Thank you Clara for your friendship, inspiration and unconditional love.

Your wings are waiting… 💫🙏

1 thought on “Winged”

  1. You are always an inspiration Kirstie . A true Artist . It was so good to see you today . You have lifted my spirit !


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